Harald Bettin

Thank you for your support!

Supporting tourism operators to succeed in a world with increasing challenges makes me very proud. I am also thankful for all the great friends I have made in the process of putting this together for you. 

I hope you are benefiting from these lessons as much as I hope. I have put my heart and soul into each and every one, as you will see soon. 

The mentors that share their knowledge in your lessons have all significantly increased their turnover and profits since the start of the pandemic.

I am incredibly inspired by their success and hope that many can benefit and will follow in their footsteps, creating a new future for their families and communities. 

I hope to meet you before long.  Harald


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Harald has worked in the industry most of his life and has a huge passion for tourism. Since 2007 he lives in Palmerston North with his kids Matt and Lyla and has spent several years at Qualmark and AA Traveller.

When COVID stuck, he witnessed the suffering of the industry first-hand and was determined to find a solution. But it did not present itself until February 2021, when he met Arthur Chin, a successful online tourism host.

Both toyed around with building a learning school together but, in the end, decided to teach separately. Arthur wanted to cover in-person coaching, while Harald wanted to educate online.

The rest is history. A highly rated and widely used tool for tourism operators was launched in June 2021. 

Harald & the Qualmark Team

The Qualmark Team in 2021

Harald on Assessment 1

Operator Assessemts for Qualmark

Harald and kids 2

Family Time