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Some tourism operators have been striving by delivering their experiences online.

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Online Travel Masters

Palmerston North
New Zealand

Director: Harald Bettin | 021 404 461


Mentors in this lesson block

  • Frank Sakellaridis: Frank is the designer of one of the world's top-rated Online Experiences designed for companies and team building. Both his online and in-person Experiences are the best-rated Experiences in Greece. He shares many tips and tricks on how to master corporate bookings and how to create and boost your listing on Airbnb Online Experiences.

  • Mark Mc Hale: Mark designed one of the most authentic tourism experiences out there. His highly successful Online Experience business is now delivering customers to his in-person tours. With tourism coming back to Ireland, he starts to see some familiar faces in his in-person experiences. Like other hosts, Mark shows how tourism will and has to transform in a COVID world.

Lessons included

  • How Profitable are Online Experiences? | Mentor: Mark Mc Hale | Host: Harald Bettin | Time of Recording: 6/2021 | Duration: 1 min 
      • Learn how to calculate how profitable online tourism experiences can be for their hosts. We share the simple formula that is used within the industry to calculate turnover. The short video with Mark is a snippet of a larger interview.
  • Do You Have What it Takes? | Mentor: Mark Mc Hale | Host: Harald Bettin | Time of Recording: 8/2021 | Duration: 6 min
      • Harald asks Mark the question "What does it take to become a successful online tourism provider." Mark answers with his usual passion and takes anyone's concerns away. His answer is surprisingly simple and should encourage anyone to get started even with operators with no computer knowledge.
        If you are already working in a tourism business or have been, it will probably come to you with incredible ease to design and finetune a Best-Selling Online Experience. Mark has delivered most of his experiences himself but is an exception with this approach.

        In later sessions, we will dive further into the benefits of working with co-hosts. Co-hosts are the front-line staff that delivers your Experience on a day-to-day basis once you have created it. You already know the stories and tails that will be most profitable to share.

        Passion and energy are the key. Don't get hung up by the quality of your footage. It is secondary, and you can improve it over time. Start with photos if you are not happy with your videos at this point. The market is almost unlimited. Be unique and get out there.

  • The Big Opportunity - Part 1| Mentor: Frank Sakellaridis | Host: Harald Bettin | Time of Recording: 5/2021 | Duration: 13 min

      • Frank is one of the most experienced Online Experience coaches in the world and an expert on Corporate Online Events. He hosts the highest-rated and most profitable Online Experience in Greece that has been a permanent international Best-Seller. With his team of co-hosts, he also operates highly successful in-person city experiences in Athens.

        During this lesson, Frank explains why Online Experiences are the Future of Travel, Corporate Events, and Destination Marketing and how it has changed his life becoming an Experience-Host.

        When lockdowns struck the world in April 2020, Airbnb was the first business that quickly implemented what Tourism Operators all over the world were demanding. They needed the opportunity to deliver Experiences online. The demand on Online Experiences grew fast and blew everyone's expectations during the 2020 Christmas season. The industry has been growing ever since.

        Google and Amazon are now following suit building similar platforms to take their share of what many believe is the future of tourism and destination marketing. These new platforms may provide significant opportunities in the near future.

        Next to those, there are many other options. Many businesses that do not want to share their events publically already host and deliver Online Experiences privately to their targeted customers. They advertise them in their newsletters or on their websites. Online Experiences can be delivered through any live video sharing platform such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. This is ideal for businesses that don't want to get involved with a broker platform or do not want their offerings displayed in public.

        All the lessons in our courses are designed to help you create Best-Selling Online Experiences no matter where or how you want to deliver them. In many lessons, Airbnb is used as an example, and it can serve as a good school, no matter where and how you want to deliver your Online Experience.

  • The Big Opportunity - Part 2 |Mentor: Frank Sakellaridis | Host: Harald Bettin | Time of Recording: 5/2021 | Duration: 14 min  
      • Frank is one of the leading experts on Corporate Online Events. Well-delivered Corporate Online Events are reimbursed with thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars per Experience. They are by far the highest-paid segment within the Online Experience market. In our upcoming courses, he will share his knowledge on corporate and tourism Experiences to a level of detail that has never been shared before.

        In this interview, he gives us many examples of highly successful Online Experiences that are leading the way in their field. Surprising to many is how fast Online Experiences are diversifying and finding more and more new audiences. This is another area of focus in your upcoming courses. We will help you to find the perfect niche for your product.

        What is normal to your day-to-day life or passion is likely to be worth money as an Experience to a large audience somewhere around the world.

        He also touches on scaling. Once you created your first Best-Selling Experience, your business has the potential to grow with significant speed as it has been for Frank and his fellow hosts while the costs and the risk remain extremely low.

  • A Blue Ocean for Tourism Businesses |Mentor: Mark McHale | Host: Harald Bettin | Time of Recording: 8/2021 | Duration: 4 min  
      • The future of Tourism and Destination Marketing may live within Online Experiences. While for Mark, the borders to Ireland only just opened at the time of the interview, online hosts in other countries are starting to see more familiar faces showing up to their in-person Experiences. Mark could not be happier. During the lockdown that lasted over one year, he hosted well over 10 000 guests online. But he has bigger visions.

        It is becoming clear that the win-win of an Online Experience is creating a very attractive proposal to both the tourism business as well as the traveler. Tourism businesses have been battling for exposure on overcrowded marketing channels. The highest-paying, instead of the best Experience, often made the cut. In Online Experiences, your future customers will pay to meet and mingle with you, and they reimburse you well for taking the time. No matter if they arrive or not, it will always be worth your while driving profits to your business.

        The future traveler gets a better deal when booking Online Experiences before arrival. Years or months in advance, travelers can engage with operators. This will help them to find the best locations and operators to engage with when finally traveling. It will help them to make better decisions on the regions to visit, the time to spend in each and even what country to choose.

        "Traveling before you Travel" will be available and affordable on an evening during your workweek, creating fascinating encounters and helping to choose your next holiday destination and the operators you visit.

  • Don't Mess With Christmas |Mentor: Mark McHale | Host: Harald Bettin | Time of Recording: 8/2021 | Duration: 1 min  
      • During future lessons, you will hear about Christmas a lot. The long story short is GET READY EARLY!

        Christmas is the time when companies around the world shuffle to find activities to bring their teams together to celebrate and to be social. However, in a COVID world that has driven billions of people to work from home or with strict social distancing, the environment has changed significantly.

        Corporate events around Christmas 2020 were the boost that brought Online Experiences into life and the mainstream to a degree. Thousands of companies had to learn how to manage teams that are working from home and how to keep them connected and social. This critical insight helps to understand one of the most fundamental parts of the success of Online Experiences and why they are anything but a bubble. Companies are booking Online Experiences more than ever.

        It was these corporate events that seeded the idea amongst their staff. Staff started to return as individual visitors bringing families and friends around. In 2021 Christmas is expected to again blow everyone's expectations. If we believe predictions, ALL Best-Sellers will be booked solid for at least one month's no matter at what rate. Start building your Online Experience now. If we can believe anything that we have learned from 2020, it is the following:

        The Online Experiences that will sell best during the 2021 Christmas season will be established and remain highly profitable throughout 2022. They will give their hosts the boost necessary to become industry leaders within their fields.

        Online Experience hosts that are coming to the party in the second half of 2021 have already missed one year of learning the tricks of the trade. But they have a chance to keep up as they benefit from courses like this one that can jumpstart any business to become a best-seller at the first attempt.

        What happened last Christmas created the most significant boom for Online Experiences and established new leaders in the industry. Get in now and benefit from the most potent time of the year to consolidate the success of your Online Experience.

  • Need More Motivation |Mentor: Mark McHale | Host: Harald Bettin | Time of Recording: 8/2021 | Duration: 1 min  
      • Many of your online guests will come with lower expectations than you think. Take this opportunity. This is another benefit of starting to launch an Online Experience early. Super-hosts like the ones you have already met are expanding their offerings faster now. They are coming up with the next generation of ever-improving Experiences. This will work in your favor as their Experiences will drive additional traffic to the platforms. Traffic that is hungry for more Experiences.

        Especially Tourism Products will thrive off these. They will lead the way, show how it is done, and create new demand. All you need to do is to show up.

        For a very long time to come, demand will exceed supply. Evaluating the feedback of the most successful online hosts makes me believe that there will be opportunities for thousands of businesses to deliver high-quality Online Experiences. Even in small countries like New Zealand. The market will continue to grow with the offerings.

        Get in early to get ahead, learn and build a solid rating on your first Experience. This will establish your business for years to come. Invite people to join in on your fantastic stories!

  • Resilient, Future-Proof Tourism Businesses |Mentor: Mark McHale | Host: Harald Bettin | Time of Recording: 8/2021 | Duration: 2 min  
      • Getting set up is very cheap, and there are no ongoing expenses. Without risk, you can follow in the footsteps of highly profitable businesses like Marks, Davids, and Franks, that have pioneered a new way of operating.

        Their businesses are now more resilient than almost any other tourism business out there, and it is only the beginning. They have taken the opportunity to build a second leg to stand on next to their in-person experiences that they keep operating.

        No matter how the world of the future may be impacted by climate change, travel restrictions, pandemics, or other crises. The people you have met in your first few lessons will continue to deliver incredible tourism experiences and keep growing their businesses at pace. All this while many others will be forced to close their doors or hibernate again.

        Look around. Those businesses have started to build the future, and all we have to do is follow. They operate tourism businesses as a one-man-band or huge with huge teams of contributors. And they are all growing faster than your tourism business or the ones you know.

        What the future of tourism will be looking like is anyone's guess. But it will look different from the tourism of the past. In many countries, tourism had outgrown capacities and has become unsustainable. The COVID crisis has allowed many destinations a much-needed rest. But it is time for recovery now.

        Rebuilding tourism will become a significant challenge, and rebuilding sustainability is almost impossible. Online Experiences can keep operators profitable and in touch with their visitors. This will destress the industry and allow for the much-needed time to develop a better plan for rebuilding more sustainable.

        The tourism industry has learned that it is extremely vulnerable. It needs more resilience and strength going forward. Relying on arrival numbers alone can no more be an option. Delivering at any time of the year and day through internet connections seems the most sustainable option I can find to answer the questions to many challenges we are facing.

        My vision is to drive those businesses to success. The businesses that see the future are serious about rebuilding better and are willing to explore new opportunities.


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